Types of Charges

The Texas Penal Code classifies offenses by type. Crimes of violence, such as murder, assault, kidnapping, and sexual offenses are categorized as Offenses Against the Person. Crimes such as theft, burglary, fraud, and criminal mischief are classified as Offenses Against Property. There are classifications for Offenses Against the Family, Offenses Against Public Administration, Offenses Against Public Order & Decency, and Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, & Morals.

There is no classification of White Collar Crime.

Traditionally, the term is meant to include the types of offenses that are alleged to have occurred through the abuse of fiduciary trust. Currently the term has broadened to include the types of offenses that involves a high degree of sophistication, market manipulation, or a catch-all for unethical business practices that cross the line. There is a broad range of what can be considered a White Collar Crime, although most people believe that only the federal government prosecutes White Collar Crime. In fact, because Austin is the State Capitol, a number of White Collar prosecutions are prosecuted by the Attorney General's office and the Travis County District Attorney's office in the state system. Thus, for purposes of the information on our site, we have intermingled both federal and state white collar offenses.


The links below provide a more detailed explanation of these offenses.


Corporate Crime

Insider Trading

Deceptive Execution


White Collar Fraud

Securities Fraud

Bank Fraud

Bankruptcy Fraud

Lending Fraud

Insurance Fraud

Medicaid Fraud

Mail Fraud

Health Care Fraud

Mortgage Fraud

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