Thursday December 3, 2009


Check this story out, if you want your head to explode with exactly how ridiculous people can be sometimes.

For those who’d like to keep their heads intact, here’s a summary: Father and daughter in Houston go out for a few drinks over Thanksgiving. Rather than drive and endanger their fellow motorists on their return trip, they opt to take a cab. After consuming their drinks, and enjoying their evening, they call the cab company to request that one pick them up and take them home. They proceed to wait outside of the bar for the taxi.

Police officer decides that they ought not be on the street, tells them that if their cab doesn’t show up in ten minutes, they’re under arrest for public intoxication. They tell him the cab company said twenty minutes, and walk to the corner so they can see when it arrives. Police officer decides that enough is enough, and hauls ‘em in.

Holy wah, as our friends in the upper peninsula of Northern Michigan might say. At least they didn’t get tasered, I guess.

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